Don’t call it a comeback

Been to hell and back in the last 10 days.

I won’t get into it because i believe some private shit should remain private but all i can say is that even though i am not a religious person by any means, things happened this week that clearly showed me the big man steps in when you need him the most at times. For that i am infinitely grateful.

Moving on! I been out for a minute and the Yes! chants have taken off like a mutha#$%^#@! (Wrestling ref.) Sorry, had to drop that in there.

Anyway, so i don’t have any real train of thought behind this blog entry but i thought i might share some of the more light-hearted shit i came across in the last week or so and call it a day.

I knew nothing good would come from the now infamous Tupac hologram.










Like i need to caption this.












This was my reward...breakfast of champions.

When you eat a sandwich the like the above you need some theme music and this was mine:


Shit like this.

What’s up people.

I just realized i have yet to promote my own video on my blog! WWE should be paying me for the amount of promo i’ve done for them.

So before my mixtape launch, we selected “Shit like this,” for the video we wanted to shoot. I knew the mixtape would be hard to translate into visuals since the material was not very focused in terms of subject matter and the tape was meant to capture specific emotions and a specific state of mind for the most part. Making a video for a track with a clear-cut direction is much easier if you ask me.

We brainstormed (when i say we i mean, P Storm, Swerte, Dj Flash B, Hirabeat, Jabbar, and Maysam) a little and came up with a few ideas for different shots that would keep the video entertaining and figured out how we were going to do it for the most part. A lot of the ideas were eventually scrapped for a number of reasons which i would not want to bore you with.

The first shoot was actually the last part of the video, THE BBQ. Epic evening that left one dude with a bruised face and a very drunk Kaz. I’m not sure if you can tell in the video but if you look at my eyes during the BBQ shots you may notice that glassy-eyed thing i had going. That was courtesy of beer, whiskey and 1 single shot of absinthe that left me absent-minded. I feel bad for Maysam having to edit my slurry delivery that night hahaha

The rest of the video was shot over a period of 1 night and 1 day a week after the BBQ part. I had to keep that beard for a week and try to keep it looking as fucked up as ever. BTW, rocking that thick beard was something i really wanted to do to move as far away from my previous work as possible, both musically and image wise. If you had the unfortunate luck to hear my older material you would know how mislead i was when i first started recording. Time teaches even the dumbest student the hardest lessons.

Anyway, i am very proud of the end result and i believe we achieved what we intended to with the video. I always knew i would get a lot of heat for it and i welcome all critics to leave their constructive criticism in the comments section, and if they don’t like it, suck my dick.

Shoutout to Maysam and to all The Recipe for making that shit happen.

Now enjoy my shit:


Wrestling awesomeness and the best father award goes to…

So by now we all know how f#$%^ed up it was that D Bryan lost in 19 seconds to Sheamus right?

Well, the majority of smarks let their opinion be known on Monday’s episode of Raw the night after Wrestlemania. (The YES chants went on all night by the way.)

If you want to watch the whole show look it up on Youtube but here is a short clip to demonstate how amazing the crowd was and how much support Bryan has. This happened after a six man tag match after Raw went off the air.

One more:

I will get the T-shirt one day!

On another note, the award for best father in the world goes to this guy that filmed his kid crying after Cena lost to The Rock. Ha ha ha, epic father.

I think that’s enough wrestling related shit. I’ll get back to the music next time.


Wrestlemania 28 wrap up.

Two words sum up last nights Wrestlemania, Holy fuck!

I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, i was surprised at many points throughout last nights PPV.


You’ve been warned.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

Worst match i have ever witnessed. We all knew Sheamus was going to win this hands down but at least give the champ a minute to wrestle. FML, they came out (Daniel rocking his Red Dragon ring attire), Bryan kisses AJ as usual, turns around, brogue kick to the face, 123, match over. WTF!!!! Ok i was surprised at how quick it happened but not the result. Shame they didn’t let these two go at it for at least 40 minutes.

Don’t think this feud is over but let’s see what happens. BTW, a shitload of the crowd was behind Bryan and held up a lot of  “YES!” signs. That was pretty awesome.

Winner: Sheamus 







The Divas

Who cares, but the stain on the back of that one chicks pants was epic. She even had to tweet about it and clarify that it wasn’t poop haha. (I am so immature.)

Winner: Vince Mc Mahon and the company that makes their hair extensions.

Randy Orton vs Kane

Not a terrible match considering the crappy buildup it had. This could have been a better match if the outcome had any real point other than filling a slot. Both of these guys love their routine and that usually means the match ends up being boring as hell. A few nice moves and reversals and the match ended with a clean pin by Kane.

I suppose they had to build him up after the awful run he had with Cena late 2011.

Winner: Kane

Cody Rhodes vs Big Show

Ok match with a better lead up than Orton vs Kane. As always, Cody Rhodes makes his opponent look good in any match and this one was no different. The Big show is, well, big. This limits his in ring ability and this becomes even more apparent when you put him next to a superstar like Cody. A little back and forth this time around with an interesting end to the match. Played the role of filler match nicely and allows Cody to get rid of the intercontinental title in order to aim at the World Heavyweight title down the line.

Winner: Big Show

Team Teddy vs Team Johnny

Too many wrestlers involved. The captains didn’t do shit. Eve is proven to be a bitch again. The Miz gets his opportunity to shine a little after being used as a jobber for the past 5 months, Team Johnny wins.

Thank God for this result. Looking forward to seeing what happens with the fallout to this.

Winners: Team Johnny

Undertaker vs HHH

Best match of the night for many and i’m still not sure for me. I would say number two even though i was flying out of my seat with this one because of two main reasons.

  1. This is the second time around for these two and even though both battles were epic, it’s never the same when you see it for the second time i guess. Hell in a cell and Shawn Micheals were great additions.
  2. The outcome was pretty much cemented with this one so there wasn’t much surprise when Taker won. 20-0 bitches.

AMAZING battle that will go down in history as a classic. Hats off to the legends.

Oh and they brought back JR to call this one. Thank God.

Winner: Undertaker







CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

WOW. Incredible match that did not disappoint. The originality these two brought to the ring was truly something to behold. If you are a fan of wrestling and enjoy the spectacle AND the technical aspect of the “sport” like me, then this easily wins match of the night. The lead up was a little slow at the start but picked up pace in the last few weeks.  Punk and Jericho both brought their A game in an obvious attempt to steal the show from Cena and Rock. Mission accomplished when viewed by hardcore fans like myself.

So many great moments in this one. CM Punk took a lot of abuse tonight. That suplex out the ring looks painful, and the whiplash on the mat looked pretty bad too. Jericho is the man FUCKKK! I hope he sticks around and puts his awful rock band on the back burner because this feud has so much more to offer the fans.

Maybe they can throw Daniel Bryan in this one too?

Winner: CM Punk







The Rock vs John Cena

The intros were painful. Diddy introduces MGK to the loudest boos of the night haha, Fail! (Take that, take that) Then MGK decides regurgitate some crappy speech he rehearsed back stage about Cena and MGK both being underdogs. WTF has this malnourished dipstick been smoking? Cena runs WWE dumbass.

Cena comes out in his bright green shirt and does his stupid salute before running to the ring.

Florida (the biggest artist of all time according to WWE???) comes out without his shirt on and raps along to some crappy song. Tick tock tick tock crowd kind of cheers since he is from Florida and they are IN Florida. The Rock comes out and boom the people wake up.

Walks around, heads to the ring and the match begins. They try to start this one off the same way Rock and Hogan did back in Toronto and the crowd gets in the game.

Long story short, i had the shock of a lifetime. After some amazing displays of strength from Cena (That AA from the Rocks splash was incredible) and working off some of The Rocks ring rust the match ends.

To the surprise of pretty much every wrestling mark in the world, The Rock WON! YES!YES!YES!YES!

That was awesome.

Winner: The Rock







Great night, wish i could have been there in person but it will be interesting to see what happens next year when The Rock comes back. Rock-Cena 2? Maybe.

Peace marks.