Slaughterhouse – On the House

Let me start this off by reminding all my children that sleeping on a couch is not comfortable or hygienic.

After listening to the mix tape a lot since my last blog I have decided that I like this shit and noticed that it takes a few listens to really get into it. Download it if you like bars and appreciate incredible lyricism.

I just copped (paid for since I support these guys) their new album on itunes and have been bumping it the entire drive from DXB to AUH.  Initial reaction is that it’s is extremely commercial.  That is not a criticism but an observation. I predict some backlash from the hard core heads that can’t see past their underground king status but I think the Slaughter boys do an amazing job convincing the listener why they are allowed to do what the Fuck they want at this stage of their careers. So far I’m enjoying it and can confirm that despite the commercial nature of the album the lyrics are still there with exception of a few intentially cheesy joints. In the words of P Storm, “You learn a lot about these guys personal lives,” which is dope and provides that balance it needs.

I’m out.


Don’t call it a comeback – again.

What’s up non readers? (Why the fuck am i shouting at air? – If you know, you know.)

It’s been a long ass time since i bothered writing anything on this blog shit but here i am again early Saturday morning when i would much rather be counting bullets and bitches. (Rappers don’t count sheep SON!)

So where have i been for so long? Nowhere really. Made some music here and there, worked with my bruddas on some new shit, my brother left the country, i lost a few more pounds, and i got a new cell phone. Speaking of cellphones, if you’re into technology the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a sick cellphone and has helped me finally see what the appeal of the Android OS is all about. I was and still am to a certain degree, a big fan of Apple and the iPhone, but i just like the option to fuck around with this OS more at the moment. I’m sure i’ll end up buying an iPhone 5 eventually but i think the Apple OS really needs to be revamped at this stage. BTW, Apple just won the case against Samsung for patent infringement and now Samsung have to pay Apple (Dr. Evil Voice) 1 Billion $….Like they haven’t made enough money yet?

Ok, enough about cellphones. On the gaming front, my PS3 got fucked but my woman stepped in and got me a new one along with a PSVita on my born day. This officially makes her the illest woman on the planet. (Sorry Mrs. Alba and Ms. Kunis and Ms. Megan Fox etc.) Also copped the 3DS XL cuz i’m a sucker for any new console or handheld on the market.

Watched Batman The Dark Knight so my life is complete, even if it had a million plot holes. Movie was dope but i still think it would have been better if they could have split this movie into two parts to really develop the characters etc. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now. I really hope they make a Robin spin off with the 3rd rock from the sun guy. He’s a dope actor and if Nolan is involved it should be good.

Oh yeah, another Superman reboot! Let’s hope this one isn’t crap like the last one. That was horrible.

Wrestling is still one of the few things i watch religiously and i am starting to enjoy TNA a little more now. My homie D. Bryan is still in the picture so i’m good with WWE minus all the recaps and Brodus Clay shit. CM Punk if finally going heel again so he can become interesting and gain the momentum he lost as the champ. Let’s hope they can send Orton down that road again since he currently gets my vote as most boring wrestler in the company along with Sin Cara and Sheamus. Ziggler is getting his big break as we speak and Cody Rhodes is still not getting enough love.

Finally the music! Ross and Nas dropped dope projects and Ace Hood has supplied me with more Gym music. I can always count on Ace to make that kind of shit that get’s thinking your a beast when your just a chiuaua. Big K.R.I.T dropped live from the Underground  and Slaughterhouse just released a mixtape to build hype for their album. Not sure how i feel about the Slaughterhouse tape at the moment. Gave it a run through and you can tell that this was their throwaway shit. You got the punchlines and shit in there but the ride through the mixtape as a whole is a little bumpy at times. Not hating, just saying that i need to go back and give the tape a run through a few more times to really decide if i like it or not.

Finally, if anyone wants to collab, remember, i don’t do this for free so don’t bother if you want to pull the weareArabbrotherseconomiccrisispoliticalinstabilittyiamsuchabigfanihaveahugefanbaseiamontouraroundtheworldshit card

To everyone else that read all that shit, thanks.

Peace, dananananananananananananananananan dananananananananananana SLUTCAVE!