I caught Randy giving the finger

This happened at night of champions. I am sure wrestling website caught this but i haven’t checked any yet since i’m trying to avoid spoilers.



I also found the only two Arabs in the crowd LOL


Surprise muthafucka and the illest Mortal Kombat-Van Damme video of all time

SURPRISE MUDDAFAKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! We got P Storm good last night! For the first time in history our good friend P Storm was actually speachless. Thanks to his Mom and Swerte, his surprise party was dope and a lot of fun. I drank a lot of beer but matched each beer with a burger so i was good by the end of the night. So again, happy birthday to Mr. Storm.

So, how was your weekend? Hope you had a….oh you’re still enjoying it as i type this…fuck you. I hate you.

Just got into work this morning and i saw a link posted by one half of the Twin towers, Mr. 911 himself, Freakshit…or as i like to call him Mustafa. It’s no secret that i am a fighting game fan and so is the previously mentioned gentleman. So when i saw this it inspired me to write these random brain farts today.

Actually, i’m going to post a few of my fighting game inspired videos here and spam my own page.

Enjoy fuckers:

Happy birthday P Storm and hello iPhone 5.

Happy Birthday to my brother P Storm. Some people will send you a message and shit…I blog dog! That’s fucking big son! Being featured on Brain Farts is both a privelage and an embarassment. So, you’re welcome.

Remember, if you bitch any more now there won’t be anything left to bitch about when you come of age. Happy Birthday man, i hope people’s ears catch up with your music this year (They ain’t ready for the new shit son.) Follow him on Twitter @PstormDubai

SOOOOOOOOOO, iPhone 5 has been announced…hmm. It looks good and i am sure it’ll be a great phone but it’s not the revolutionary change that it once was. By now i am sure you have read a million articles about it so i’ll stop here and go back to playing some games on my Galaxy SIII.







Speaking of the SIII, when the fuck are we gonna get the Jelly Bean update? Probably December right? Fuckers.

On another note, i’ve been playing Darksiders II and i must say the game is dope. If you enjoy God Of War and collecting shit, then you’ll enjoy this. Loving the PSVita but seriously can’t find time to juggle work, music, gym, gaming and girl friend. If only there was a way to combine them all into some kind of event. Maybe a music kinect game that has you do push ups n shit with your girl friend on your back. (Nerd voice) “What about work?” Fuck it.

It’s Thursday.

I’m out, Burrrrrr (Gucci Mane)


New Recipe Joint

What it do? (I wouldn’t actually use that in person. Couldn’t pull it off really.)

So it’s another mundane Monday and i thought i would share this with the random known folks that don’t read this blog. (You just got mind raped)

The crew decided to record a quick track for your listening pleasure and here it is:


Share the link with your people if you enjoy the track.


Harry (He’s still around.)