To all the kids out there. Drinking is not cool so please don’t let this post convince you otherwise. Drink responsibly and always leave your car at home when you’re going out for a few.


Beer, God’s gift to all mankind. Nectar of the gods, liquid gold or just pure goodness in a pint glass or pitcher. Fizzy, smooth, simoultaneously heavy and light, and of course divine. No man or woman should have to live their entire life without a taste of it. No bar could exist without it and no economical human being can accept to pay an arm and a leg for cheap vodka or whiskey in a club when a perfectly untainted batch of beer is in the house.

Some may try to convince you that you should avoid it because of the beer belly phenomenon. I say a belly makes you look sophisticated and if you insist on avoiding it, hit the gym.

Anyway I’ve rambled on long enough. Drink and be merry my fellow humans and always remember, beer has been helping ugly people get laid since the begging of time.

Peace and happy new year.