Vacation done, back to work.

Had a lot of beans yesterday so here we are again.

How’ve you been my rabidly loyal non readers? Good i hope.

We just got back from an amazing vacation in Bali and it almost felt like a long-winded goodbye to our lives before the storm…or so we hope. I drank a fuck load of Bin Tang, rode motorbikes (while sweating bullets and seeing my life flash before my eyes), partied in posh spots, partied in ratchet spots, drank the strangest Bali Beer concoction in a tower, attempted to surf, chilled by the pool in our villa, chilled by the beach watching the sun set, ran down a pitch black beach for no reason (seriously the sand was black too) ate the most amazing food i ever had, laughed, saw the Milky Way, ate some more (Shout out to Menega…look it up), took some Imodium, and basically had the time of my life.

I highly recommend Bali to anyone looking to get away and have an amazing time, which is basically everyone.

Not sure about you, but every time i go on vacation i feel like i never want to leave that place for obvious reasons.

Now that i have triumphantly returned and reality has crept back in, it’s time to get back to work. For the past year and a half me and the boys have been relentlessly working on music that we feel is the best we have created so far and it’s almost time to share some of that material with you good people and hopefully convince to listen, watch, share, enjoy, and eventually purchase our products.

Stay tuned and please feel free to hit me up directly if you have any questions.

Now for the greatest shit you will see on YouTube at the moment:


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Why God, why?

Why God, why?