Ice Cube is still one of the greatest

A long long time ago, in a time when the internet didn’t exist, when our only source of information was the idiot box or heavily censored magazines, i turned to Ice Cube for an education on black culture in the States.

With the impending release of the N.W.A biopic i came across a few video posts that Ice Cube has recently released on Youtube discussing the making of his album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. This album is still relevant today with the recent outbreak of racial police brutality etc.

Now imagine a shielded young brown boy in the desert that is listening to shit like Run DMC and the Fat Boys when suddenly he comes across an N.W.A album called Straight Outta Compton, basically i was mind raped by this shit. It was unreal, almost like i was exposed to a drug that opened up areas of my brain i didn’t know existed. I may be exaggerating a little here but i didn’t know jack shit about black culture and the shit these guys were talking about. I struggled to understand the slang, the violence, and the true value of what i was exposed to at the time. I was still a baby, a very lucky baby.

I would never have the money to buy the magazines (we actually used to get Rap Pages here for some reason) and i would read as much as i could while standing in the magazine isle at the local Supermarket. This is also the place i picked up my first comic, Spiderman Vs The Punisher, which i read till the pages fell apart. Fml, it was 6 Dirhams at the time.

Now back to the music, obviously information was limited and i was young so i didn’t even know that Ice Cube split from N.W.A. I’m not sure how my brother and i ended up with a copy of AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted but i played the fuck out the album and was intrigued by the messages this angry man was spewing all over it. It was like he was painting pictures in my mind and i was absorbing it as much as possible. I even remember writing down the lyrics bar by bar, rewinding and stopping the cassette to give me a chance to catch up. This process was made much easier when we eventually got an AKAI CD player.

Ice Cubes ability to tell a story and communicate with the listener is almost unparalleled even today. His work on Death Certificate was so dope and is still one of my favorite albums today. Predator, Lethal Injection, Bootlegs and B-Sides were all dope in their own right but to me, Death Certificate is his magnum opus.

Fml, even Westside Connections – Bow Down is an amazing piece of work that came at the height of the so called East-West wars. He went in on Common (Who came back hard as fuck though in the bitch in you) and even B-Real. The supporting cast on this project didn’t disappoint either with Mack 10 and WC, two hip hop household names too.

Who remembers when Cube and Dre were supposed to work on an entire project together called Heltah Skeltah like the track from the Murder Was The Case soundtrack. That’s a dream that never materialized.

Oh, also look up Hand of the Dead Body with Scarface…incredible. Scarface is another great.

The N.W.A reunion project with Snoop instead of Easy could have been an instant classic but again, nada.

His later work is not as dope as the older material but kept his name relevant and had spurts of genius too.

Regardless of the above disappointments, Ice Cube has and will always be one of the greatest to ever do it and if you haven’t listened to his catalog, do yourself a favor and go do it now.

Almost forgot, i had Kill At Will on a cassette tape where Cube was brandishing i gun, think it was a glock or some shit…can’t get away with that shit today unless your on a movie poster for some reason.

All my albums are in storage so i’ll have to buy this shit on iTunes if i want to listen to it again.



Bad music Rant and childish toilet humor.

My mother always said, don’t say a thing if you don’t have anything nice to say. She wasn’t the first to ever say it but she’s my mom and she’s pretty much always right. That being said, sometimes I just feel like I need to release some brain farts here just to maintain my sanity.

Now, we stem from a region that isn’t world-renowned for producing good music and i have been guilty of adding my own rabbit poop to the pile of crap publicized as representing the best we have to offer, however you would imagine that this trend would eventually end and a new crop of talented people would rise etc etc. Nope! Same old shit being regurgitated, re consumed, and regurgitated again in a never-ending disgusting vicious cycle. Is it the artists fault? Society? Money? The people running the magazines and radio? Perhaps a general lack of identity or just a sign of the times we live in where a guy can get implants and claim to be a woman trapped in a mans body and get more attention than the few hundred thousand people dying in conflict regions. Either way, it’s shit, sorry.

I recently witnessed the release of another example of the worst this region has to offer musically best described using any of the following; No talent, no originality, self-indulgent, processed, recycled, cliché, or just plain elephant turd on a beat. The best part is some people genuinely like this runny pile of diarrhea…maybe it’s a fetish or something. The DJ’s must feel like dung beetles trying to roll this crap into something manageable hahaha, i kill me. Some of you may read this and will probably hit me with the old tried and tested argument of “If you don’t like it then don’t listen.” Trust me i don’t listen to shit like this (go watch my video lol) and if i did i would probably be sitting next to you in some shitty club spending thousands on bottles and trying to hook up with prostitutes jamming to this cancer inducing excuse of a song. Only problem is i love music and it upsets me when this is portrayed as the music to represent me and my peers that actually make an effort to create something with a little more passion. 

Anyway, I’m not going to promote the person responsible for this atrocity and i doubt it would make difference even if i did since i have so many non-readers visiting this page.

Someone will write something very similar about me and The Recipe very soon when we begin releasing our music but i understand it comes with the territory and I’m fine with people expressing themselves about us, even if it is negative.

We’ll see soon enough.



It's probably all that Indo food i've been eating.

It’s probably all that Indo food i’ve been eating.