Throwback to The Future

Life is cyclical. Actually, everything is i guess.

You’re born, you grow, consume crap, poop, get old, die, rot, convert into the same shit that will grow shit for another life to consume etc.

Music is the same way. Funny how what was considered “New” back in the day is now called “Old School” and soon what you listen to today will be the music old people rock to in the club while your kids sit there pointing and laughing at you.

I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that the music that i grew up to is now considered old school! Still i understand that especially in Hip Hop, the focus is always on the youngsters coming up with their own movements and interpretation of the art form. FML, i remember ditching school to buy the Doggystyle album haha That shit was on rotation non stop for a good two years at least and now you got people like Vince Staples saying the 90’s were overrated hahaha I understand his point of view and can see why he would say that, again emphasizing that hip hop is for and by the youngsters. Think about this for a second, Drake is someones Tupac. Future is someones R. Kelly. Travis Scott is someones Rza or whatever. Nuts.

So where do our legends fit in all this? Why is it that the Rolling Stones can still get love and respect like they just came out but our own legends get laughed at and blackballed? I don’t have the answer to be completely honest, but that may be something that will change with time, who knows?

Either way, i think it’s important for us to respect where we came from while looking forward to where we want to be. I’m not suggesting that people go back in time and stay there, but i am suggesting that people who love the music take a look at where it came from while simultaneously keep pushing their own interpretation of it.

My group, The Recipe, just dropped our latest project titled, “Throwback to The Future,” on which we re-interpret some of the old school music we grew up on with our own flavor. The process of recording this project was interesting and a new experience all together. We quickly learned that studio time is something that you have to dedicate yourself to if you want to get anywhere in this game. This is twice as important if you dare to touch classic material without making a fool of yourself. We tackled music from Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, Lords of the Underground and Ill Al Skratch among a few other classics. Some made the cut, others didn’t and will never see the light of day.

Now that the tape is out and i hope all you hip hop heads out there give it a spin and enjoy it regardless of your age or generation.

A few people have told me how they feel the tape sounds fresh and different!

Crazy how shit is cyclical right?

If my ramblings have made you curious enough to check out the mixtape, please check it out here:

Click the image to visit our website and download or stream the mixtape.

Click the image to visit our website and download or stream the mixtape.

The track list .

On a side note, Albert Einstein was born before i was so fuck him and his thoughts, they are completely irrelevant to me and society in general. (This was meant to be humorous)

1984 is here…happy happy joy joy..more news to come

You never know who is watching.

In case anyone with power reads this, everything is gravy round here son. Ninja we made it! I have no issue with your constant CCTV surveillance and random checks every time i walk through an international airport.

Here’s a true story for you to enjoy. I am a holder of an EU passport and was heading from the UK to NY for a quick visit, seems comfortable enough right? I got searched 3 times before boarding the plane. I even got randomly selected for another check before getting on the plane at the boarding gate! Thanks for making sure all my fellow passengers were safe from my deadly rhymes.


While everyone was busy gaying up their Facebook profile pictures last week, more of our internet rights were snatched away etc etc…look it up. Who cares, most people use the net for bullshit anyway right?

I wish i could learn how to farm or some shit….i’ll move to some rural area, grow my own food, put up signs warning trespassers not to come too close, grow a giant beard, hide a weapon in my beard for an emergency, get a dog and call him Batman, work out, listen to some boom bap shit and stay as far away from all this as possible.

Why don’t they teach people useful skills anymore? If all this automated life comes to a screeching halt and we have to survive a week without our local grocery stores or credit cards, what the fuck will most of us do? This is a system designed for you to learn skills and talents that allow you to thrive within it and no more. You become reliant on someone else to provide you with your most basic needs in life, not smart. I’m not any better, trust me. I am definitely a city person so i would be fucked in the Apocalypse.

In case the machines take over, here is one F**k you Skynet in advance.

Finally, every geek in the world had a semi after comic con thanks to the new Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Hope it ends up being a great movie. I have hope.

Suicide Squads trailer was also premiered but i have doubts about this one to be honest. Too many characters, bad director and a new Joker. I have faith that Jared Leto will pull it off but not sure if this is the right movie to premier the character in the DC Universe. A stand alone Batman movie would have been better for me but perhaps they’ll prove me wrong come August 2016.

This blog was actually written on the 14th but I forgot to upload it.

More news coming today!

Bad music Rant and childish toilet humor.

My mother always said, don’t say a thing if you don’t have anything nice to say. She wasn’t the first to ever say it but she’s my mom and she’s pretty much always right. That being said, sometimes I just feel like I need to release some brain farts here just to maintain my sanity.

Now, we stem from a region that isn’t world-renowned for producing good music and i have been guilty of adding my own rabbit poop to the pile of crap publicized as representing the best we have to offer, however you would imagine that this trend would eventually end and a new crop of talented people would rise etc etc. Nope! Same old shit being regurgitated, re consumed, and regurgitated again in a never-ending disgusting vicious cycle. Is it the artists fault? Society? Money? The people running the magazines and radio? Perhaps a general lack of identity or just a sign of the times we live in where a guy can get implants and claim to be a woman trapped in a mans body and get more attention than the few hundred thousand people dying in conflict regions. Either way, it’s shit, sorry.

I recently witnessed the release of another example of the worst this region has to offer musically best described using any of the following; No talent, no originality, self-indulgent, processed, recycled, cliché, or just plain elephant turd on a beat. The best part is some people genuinely like this runny pile of diarrhea…maybe it’s a fetish or something. The DJ’s must feel like dung beetles trying to roll this crap into something manageable hahaha, i kill me. Some of you may read this and will probably hit me with the old tried and tested argument of “If you don’t like it then don’t listen.” Trust me i don’t listen to shit like this (go watch my video lol) and if i did i would probably be sitting next to you in some shitty club spending thousands on bottles and trying to hook up with prostitutes jamming to this cancer inducing excuse of a song. Only problem is i love music and it upsets me when this is portrayed as the music to represent me and my peers that actually make an effort to create something with a little more passion. 

Anyway, I’m not going to promote the person responsible for this atrocity and i doubt it would make difference even if i did since i have so many non-readers visiting this page.

Someone will write something very similar about me and The Recipe very soon when we begin releasing our music but i understand it comes with the territory and I’m fine with people expressing themselves about us, even if it is negative.

We’ll see soon enough.



It's probably all that Indo food i've been eating.

It’s probably all that Indo food i’ve been eating.