1984 is here…happy happy joy joy..more news to come

You never know who is watching.

In case anyone with power reads this, everything is gravy round here son. Ninja we made it! I have no issue with your constant CCTV surveillance and random checks every time i walk through an international airport.

Here’s a true story for you to enjoy. I am a holder of an EU passport and was heading from the UK to NY for a quick visit, seems comfortable enough right? I got searched 3 times before boarding the plane. I even got randomly selected for another check before getting on the plane at the boarding gate! Thanks for making sure all my fellow passengers were safe from my deadly rhymes.


While everyone was busy gaying up their Facebook profile pictures last week, more of our internet rights were snatched away etc etc…look it up. Who cares, most people use the net for bullshit anyway right?

I wish i could learn how to farm or some shit….i’ll move to some rural area, grow my own food, put up signs warning trespassers not to come too close, grow a giant beard, hide a weapon in my beard for an emergency, get a dog and call him Batman, work out, listen to some boom bap shit and stay as far away from all this as possible.

Why don’t they teach people useful skills anymore? If all this automated life comes to a screeching halt and we have to survive a week without our local grocery stores or credit cards, what the fuck will most of us do? This is a system designed for you to learn skills and talents that allow you to thrive within it and no more. You become reliant on someone else to provide you with your most basic needs in life, not smart. I’m not any better, trust me. I am definitely a city person so i would be fucked in the Apocalypse.

In case the machines take over, here is one F**k you Skynet in advance.

Finally, every geek in the world had a semi after comic con thanks to the new Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Hope it ends up being a great movie. I have hope.

Suicide Squads trailer was also premiered but i have doubts about this one to be honest. Too many characters, bad director and a new Joker. I have faith that Jared Leto will pull it off but not sure if this is the right movie to premier the character in the DC Universe. A stand alone Batman movie would have been better for me but perhaps they’ll prove me wrong come August 2016.

This blog was actually written on the 14th but I forgot to upload it.

More news coming today!