@Therecipedxb first iTunes single is out! Death to Get Here! #d2gh

What’s going world, non readers and random internet weirdos (stop watching Japanese porn and focus for a second will you)? Hope you are all well and enjoying life on this strange place called planet earth.

If you know me, i’m sure you are already sick of seeing me push our first official single “Death To Get Here,” but here is one more shameless plug in hopes that a few new faces will read this and fork out their hard earned 99 cents in support of our latest effort.

When you sacrifice so much and work as hard as we have, you can only hope that people will at least enjoy the music and maybe cop the track to

Either way this is my plug: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/death-to-get-here-single/id1029520032?ls=1

Stay tuned for a lot more from @therecipedxb

Here’s a potato again.


Still alive

I’ve never been the most prolific writer, and I’m not sure anyone even gives a shit to be honest, but here i am again talking shit and dropping brain farts on unsuspecting victims.

So where have I been? Who cares, I’m kind of back now. I still like wrestling, video games, superheroes, whiskey, beer and hip hop so not much has changed.

Consider this me putting the key in the proverbial ignition and getting ready to warm up a well rested engine.

News, music and random bullshit coming soon friends so stay tuned.

Now enjoy this shit again:

Shit like this.

What’s up people.

I just realized i have yet to promote my own video on my blog! WWE should be paying me for the amount of promo i’ve done for them.

So before my mixtape launch, we selected “Shit like this,” for the video we wanted to shoot. I knew the mixtape would be hard to translate into visuals since the material was not very focused in terms of subject matter and the tape was meant to capture specific emotions and a specific state of mind for the most part. Making a video for a track with a clear-cut direction is much easier if you ask me.

We brainstormed (when i say we i mean, P Storm, Swerte, Dj Flash B, Hirabeat, Jabbar, and Maysam) a little and came up with a few ideas for different shots that would keep the video entertaining and figured out how we were going to do it for the most part. A lot of the ideas were eventually scrapped for a number of reasons which i would not want to bore you with.

The first shoot was actually the last part of the video, THE BBQ. Epic evening that left one dude with a bruised face and a very drunk Kaz. I’m not sure if you can tell in the video but if you look at my eyes during the BBQ shots you may notice that glassy-eyed thing i had going. That was courtesy of beer, whiskey and 1 single shot of absinthe that left me absent-minded. I feel bad for Maysam having to edit my slurry delivery that night hahaha

The rest of the video was shot over a period of 1 night and 1 day a week after the BBQ part. I had to keep that beard for a week and try to keep it looking as fucked up as ever. BTW, rocking that thick beard was something i really wanted to do to move as far away from my previous work as possible, both musically and image wise. If you had the unfortunate luck to hear my older material you would know how mislead i was when i first started recording. Time teaches even the dumbest student the hardest lessons.

Anyway, i am very proud of the end result and i believe we achieved what we intended to with the video. I always knew i would get a lot of heat for it and i welcome all critics to leave their constructive criticism in the comments section, and if they don’t like it, suck my dick.

Shoutout to Maysam and to all The Recipe for making that shit happen.

Now enjoy my shit: